Polyethylene bags

"Koshona Group» produces packaging polyethylene bags of various types from 2015. The packaging materials produced by the company are made of polymer film for the food industry. We use the most modern equipment and technologies, thanks to which we manufacture products of complex structure and high quality in a short time. In our company you can purchase polyethylene bags of various types and sizes in wholesale and in a wide range: LDPE - bags, packing bags and HDPE - rolls. The main polyethylene products of the company – is a food packaging and bags of various forms and sizes. Company also provides services for applying color printing with up to 8 colors on the bags and packages.

Our products meet all international standards and requirements. The price of food packages and bags depends on the size, density, shape of the packages and the color of the pattern being applied.

Typically, polyethylene is produced by exposing the polymer gas to high pressures and temperatures. However, we use ready raw materials in the production - granulated polymers. Extruder evenly grasps the granules, melts and extrudes a film of a given thickness, color, strength. The film is stretched in one layer, in a half-sleeve or sleeve depending on the type of product. Then it is rolled up into rolls and images are printed on future bags. Then the stage of production of polyethylene bags begins. The film is cut, welded at the seams, strong backing for bags with a strengthened cutting handle is glued on machine tools. Knobs are cut or soldered.