"Koshona Group" produces and offers candles for home use. Company started production of candles in 2011and since has been known as manufacturer of wide range of candles. The company owns high-tech modern equipment for production of candles, which allows producing high-quality and safe candles.

Paraffin candles - like in old days – is a very popular household product. Unfortunately, power outages in Central Asia are common until nowadays. A well-tried and trusted way out of problem situation is our household paraffin candles.

Moreover, it is pleasant to put lighted candles on the festive table or just sit with friends by candlelight in a cozy home atmosphere. That is why candles are the most popular category among candle shoppers. Our company has developed technology that extends the burning time of the candle.

Here you can order and purchase any kind of candles: different sizes (length and diameter).