Twist – off caps (caps with a twist), covered with varnish inside.

Company produces the most popular sizes of Twist-Off caps in Tajikistan with diameters: Ø 43, 58, 66 and 82mm. Special carving inside turns tightly on the neck of the corresponding Twist-Off jars. It allows to keep the preserved product for a long time. They have advantages above the usual caps: the period of keeping is not limited by the condition of rubber, can sealer is not needed. The price is a little higher than for tins, but it is quite acceptable. The caps of Twist-Off is suited for conserving the most different products. They can be used repeatedly, if the condition of the thread and covering allows.

To check the possibility of reusage of such caps, you can pour water in a jar, close the cap tightly, turn it over and put it on paper. If water does not flow, then the cap can be used. The only drawback is the need to use cans with a certain thread.