"Koshona Group" offers the metal caps for home and industrial conservation. We help you to be prepared for the season of preservation of vegetables and fruits, jams, juices and compotes. It will look very appetizing on your table in winter.

Our caps are produced on the hi-tech modern equipment, which provides high level of quality of caps. We use high quality white tin-plate (ЕЖК) with sufficient thickness and the class of tin caping with application of the certified food varnishes and enamels to provide desirable quality of caps. Diameter of the caps for rolling glass cans of standard format (1liter, 2liters, 3 liters, etc.) with a standard neck - 82 mm is familiar to everyone from childhood. The marking SPC, which means «Steel Pressing Cap».

Caps are made for various types of food products, passing through different types of processing: pasteurization and high-temperature sterilization. Caps are used for salted, pickled, sweetened and meat products. We offer the application of full-color lithography of drawings or the required logos on caps by the request of the customer.

Usually the quality of cans depends on three components: the thickness of the tin, the quality of the varnish and the elasticity of the rubber gasket. You can check this on our caps. The thickness of the tin is checked by muffled crackle when pressing on the center of the cap. The quality of the varnish can be checked by dropping it onto the nail polish acetone. The quality of rubber is checked visually when it is stretched. We guarantee return of goods, if you do not like it.